Who are we

– Belgian volunteers

– Vietnamese volunteers living in Vietnam and Belgium.

– And a family consisting of a Vietnamese and a Belgian who regularly go back to Vietnam in July and August. Therefore they want to seize this unique opportunity to bring your care and gifts directly to the most needy children in the underprivileged areas of Vietnam. We do this voluntary  and are prepared to cover all transport and communication costs.

This special project is coordinated and supported by:

 – The Belgian Vietnamese Alliance

– The General Union of Vietnamese in Belgium

Why children and education?

It is very important that children continue to attend school. Help us make this happen. The first day of school is a day that all children look forward to, here in Belgium but also in Vietnam, with their new school bag, books, pens and uniform. For the children it is an exciting and enjoyable day to go back to school and see their friends again. The children from those struggling families in Vietnam are no exception. For the parents of those children, however, it is an often hidden source of additional worry. How can they pay for all this with their meagre earnings? In Vietnam, there are  many families who experience these mixed feelings along with the other worries of everyday life. We want to help take this worry away!

What is our goal?

Helping the most needy children between the ages of 6 and 9 with the most important preparations for the new school year. We work together with the local school board for this. The schools we focus on are schools from the most deprived areas in Bac Giang province. The pupils of this school mostly belong to ethnic minorities. These ethnic minorities are having a very hard time and facing many problems. We hope that we can bring a little joy to those pupils and their parents as well as to other children who get their new school bag full of books and pens and new clothes to start the new school year. That would be a fantastic encouragement for a wonderful start.

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