12h00 What do we do and why?


12h45 Cooking demonstration with Quyên Truong Thi (inspirer of top restaurant Little Asia in Brussels) + support sales of signed cookbooks

13:15 Vietnamese summer buffet

On the menu

– Nem Hà Nội (spring roll in Hà Nội style)

– Bò lá lốt (minced beef in Piperlolot in Nam Bộ style)

– Nem lụi Huế (grilled minced pork and scampi marinated in Huế style) served with noodles and Vietnamese lettuce

For veggie lovers

Vegetarian spring roll >> Grilled aubergine with Vietnamese garlic sauce >> vegetarian pieces of grilled ‘chicken’ with lemongrass and caramel sauce

14:15 Vietnamese folk games for adults and children

Performance Vietnamese martial art ‘Thuy Phap’

Fashion show traditional Vietnamese clothes

Tombola (with useful and fun prizes)

15:00 Dessert